Easy DIY Glitter Slime

My girls have been a little slime crazy here lately. We have tried several different recipes, but many just didn’t work out as we had hoped. Also, a lot of recipes called for borax or liquid starch, which we didn’t have on hand. Finally, we found a super easy recipe that made the perfect slime with just a few ingredients that you probably already have around the house.

We made a video showing exactly how it is made HERE!


Here is what you need: Continue reading “Easy DIY Glitter Slime”


10 Things You Need If You Love Unicorns!


My daughter decided she wants a unicorn themed birthday party this year and I am thrilled! I have loved unicorns since I was a child and still do. My daughter also made a birthday list which includes unicorn earrings, unicorn fingernail polish, and even a unicorn perfume set that smells like rainbows. While I may not be able to find the many many unicorn themed items she has asked for, I have been finding some awesome unicorn products on Amazon! Continue reading “10 Things You Need If You Love Unicorns!”

Amazon Prime: Is It Worth It? Try For FREE!

If you are anything like me, you do a ton of online shopping! I would say about 90% of my birthdays and Christmas gifts are purchased online with the majority coming from Amazon. The one thing that I hate about buying online, though, is paying for shipping! That’s just wasted money to me. With Amazon Prime, you get unlimited FREE two day shipping with no minimum. Of course, the products have to be Prime eligible, but you can usually find anything you want that is eligible.

But wait, there’s more! While the free 2 day shipping is worth the $99/year or $11/month, Amazon Prime offers so many other benefits:

-Free streaming music

-Free movies and TV shows

-Free unlimited photo storage

-Free kindle books

-Amazon Dash Button

– Savings on diapers


Still not convinced that Amazon Prime is for you? Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free TrialΒ and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!


Life With Lohrs: Our Family Vlog

We started a family vlog!


If you are a frequent reader, you may know that IΒ have a “beauty” channel on YouTube. I really enjoy making the videos and sharing. Being a work from home mom, finding quiet time to do these videos is difficult, though. That is why my kids are in so many of them. I do plan to continue uploading videos on this channel, but we wanted to start a vlog channel and get the whole family involved. Continue reading “Life With Lohrs: Our Family Vlog”

A Pill to Clear Your Acne?

I have always believed that healthy skin starts from the inside. I aim to drink more water to keep my skin better hydrated and we all know that greasy foods contribute to acne outbreaks. So, why not take a pill that is packed with natural, mineral ingredients to help clear your skin? Lomalux Laboratories has an Acne Pill aimed at doing exactly that. Continue reading “A Pill to Clear Your Acne?”