What the hell am I doing?

I finally started a blog and now I am lost. Bear with me everybody! So, why did I start this blog? I love to review products for a bunch of different websites and brands, which I will most definitely be providing information about in future posts. I am a makeup junkie and tell everybody I can about the new products that I try, as well as review makeup subscription boxes. Plus, I am a work from home Mom who does not get enough adult interaction on a daily basis, so why not talk to you all (or myself) in a blog?

I am setting a small goal for myself to start. I will try my hardest to write a new post every week. Try being the key word. I really do want to share with the world what I have to say about products, makeup, parenting, and just life in general. So, if anybody is willing to listen, I will talk…err type. Thank you all and welcome to my newest journey!



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