Where do you get all this free stuff?

I get asked this question a lot and the answer is pretty simple. I receive products from different websites and companies, usually in exchange for honest reviews and social media sharing. Below, I will link all of the different websites that offer free product, starting with the ones that I have received the most from. I have been signed up with most for nearly two years and really just do them in my free time, usually as I am laying in bed trying to fall asleep.

Crowdtap– This is a great website to start with. In fact, this was my first that I received a product. Once signed up, you join different brands in answering simple questionnaires and polls. These give you points and every time you level up, you get a gift card. Every so often they will email you with a qualification survey for products to review. Some things I have received from Crowdtap are mouthwash, shampoo and conditioner, makeup remover and moisturizer for ten people, toys, and sunscreen. All of which were full size, but there are sample sizes sometimes.
Influenster– They send “VoxBoxes” which are boxes filled with different product from different brands. Examples of items I have received are hair product, snacks, makeup, etc. You connect all of your social media profiles to get your “social impact” number. In order to be considered for more opportunities, you should complete your box and brand badges which generally involve posting reviews and pictures to social media.
BzzAgent– They are all about the “bzz” aka they want you talking about the products online and in person. The first campaign I did for them was for a museum and they sent me a free year membership for two. That was pretty neat. I have also received hair color, pizza, laundry detergent, a razor, and mouthwash. Keep you bzz score high and you will likely get more opportunities.
Smiley360– They are a lot like Bzzagent. They have surveys to qualify for missions. Their missions are usually pretty simple with reviews and sharing on social media. I have received tampons, orajel, candy, and even a memory foam Sleep Number pillow, valued at $80.
PinchMe– This one is probably the simplest website out of the list. After the initial survey about yourself and preferences, all you really have to do is wait. They have what is called “Sample Tuesday” where you log in to see if they have any products for you. It is possible that they don’t have anything for you, but most of the time you will receive 1-6 products. You add them to your cart if you wish to sample them and then checkout. It does take a long time to receive your box, up to 6 weeks. Then all you have to do is provide feedback for the products, which takes just a few minutes. I sample cat food a lot with them, but have also received nail polish, lotion, bandages, toothpaste, vitamins, snacks, etc.
House Party– This one is quite different. They send you full party packs for you to host a party focusing on certain products. I have hosted a Palm Breeze party and a Chromecast/Game of Thrones party. There are a lot of interest in these parties with not nearly as many host spots available, so you do not get picked very often. To be fair, though, I often forget to apply to a lot of them.
Chatterbox– This is actually a part of House Party, but you do not have to throw a party. I have only done this for Rosatello Wine, but what is better than free wine?
HonestFew– I am fairly new to this one. They offer you product through Amazon at a discounted price. Sometimes, they are even free. However, you do have to pay shipping. Once you order the product, you have a couple of weeks to submit an honest review to Amazon. I have done this for two skin care products. (This is the only website listed that is not 100% free.)


The following websites I am also fairly new to and have not received any products for, but I will keep you all informed.
SheSpeaksI actually have something coming from SheSpeaks, but it has not arrived yet.

Vocal PointThis seems like a great website, I just have not been apart of it for too long.

Sample SourceIt looks like they have samples available in Spring, Summer, and Fall and will email you if they have anything for you based on your profile.

Moms MeetThis is a great one for moms who use organic and natural products. Apply to become a mom ambassador to try products.

Beta Bound– For the technology junkies, Beta Bound gives you the opportunity to beta test apps, games, tech products, etc.

Social NatureHere, you tell them what you want and they send you samples and coupons. I still have to explore this one more.
So, I hope this was informative. If you sign up for any of these, make sure you use an email address that you check regularly as most opportunities will be sent to you. I post on Instagram and Twitter a lot about these products, but I will now be posting full reviews on here. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Also, if you have any websites that I have missed, let me know!



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