Happy 4th of July

2016-07-04 19.10.30.png

Happy Independence Day! I hope you all have had a safe and fun, long holiday weekend!

The 4th of July is generally a time to get with friends and family and celebrate our freedom. However, for my family, it’s also a time to remember a loved one. My oldest brother passed away in 2005. Today would have been his 37th birthday. So, there’s a mixture of emotions today.

My girls never got to meet him, but last night as we were watching fireworks, I was telling them about him. It was honesty a nice moment, though sad.

We didn’t do a whole lot to celebrate today. It’s rainy and gloomy outside. We had no plans with family and my husband went fishing. So, the girls and I did what we do for most holidays; dressed up and ate holiday themed food! I utilized Pinterest to find a 4th of July themed scavenger hunt, which was a huge hit with the Littles and I gave them a short history lesson on why today is important.



Also, below is three different patriotic makeup looks I did. Can you tell I love glitter?



It wasn’t a bad day. It’s just a day that I think a lot and wonder what things would be like if he were still here. I’ll always remember him, though and celebrate his birthday.

How did you celebrate Independence day?


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