Beauty Haul- ColourPop Cosmetics


I made my first order with ColourPop Cosmetics and I was not disappointed…

First, they have a $5 off incentive for subscribing to their newsletter. A discount for something I was planning on buying anyway? Sign me up! I also received a free Finders Keepers mini gloss for spending more than $20.

So, here is what I ordered! Super Shock Shadows in Envy, Rex, Bae, and Bites and a Creme Gel Colour in Exit. If you have never used ColourPop shadows, like I hadn’t, you will likely be surprised by the way they feel. They are sort of creamy and to be honest they take a minute to get use to. Other than the white, the colors I chose were extremely unique.


Bae, Envy, Rex

Envy and Rex were more black than I expected, with purple and blue glitter, respectively. Bae looked more green in the container, but is actually more of a reddish, brown on the skin. It reminds me of Lounge from Urban Decay.







They are very pretty and I want to try some brighter colors from ColourPop now.







The Gel Colour is excellent. It goes on smoothly, with an angled brush and it is long-lasting. I had been meaning to get a white liner, so this was perfect.

The best part of ColourPop other than their large selection of gorgeous products? They are inexpensive! Most of their products, including their shadows and lippies, are only $5 or $6. That is unheard of these days.

Have you ever tried anything by ColourPop Cosmetics? Let me know your experiences and what products I should try next!



3 thoughts on “Beauty Haul- ColourPop Cosmetics

  1. Pretty! I’ve tried a few things. I like the blushes and highlighters. Eyeshadows are ok for me, I prefer using brushes and it just takes a little more work to find brushes that work well with these 🙂


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