Who doesn’t love free stuff?



There is nothing better than coming home from vacation to a ton of packages full of free product. Well, except for the being on vacation part. That was nice, too!

I have many campaigns from BzzAgent, Crowdtap, Influenster, and Smiley360 going on right now that I will be making separate posts for. Right now, though, these are mostly just random free products that I came across that anybody can just receive. I will link as many as I can.

Purina One Purposeful Nutrition

L’oreal Paris Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Included: Eye balm, facial  oil, and golden balm

Tom’s of Maine Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste- This was in a free PinchMe box, but you can get a coupon here.

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandages- I received these in a PinchMe box as well, but for a ton of coupons, click here.

Depend® FIT-FLEX® Underwear and Depend® Silhouette® Active Fit– Every once in a while I will receive products that I know I will never use. This is one of them, but I am sure I can find somebody who could use them.

Born Sweet Zing Stevia Sweetener

Breathe Right Strips– You can choose Lavender or Extra Clear

Philosophy Take a Deep Breath

U by Kotex– They offer several boxes of different samples!

Bausch + Lomb PeroxiClear– Click “Clear Care” to get a whole bottle of solution and contact case for free.

That’s all a little over a week’s worth of freebies in the mail! What has been the best free products you have ever received? Also, check out this post to learn how to get more free products to review!



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