EQtainment-Q Wunder

I am a firm believer that kids should be kids and should be allowed to play games and have fun. EQtainment’s game Q’s Race to the Top is a board game that is so much fun for kids, but is also very educational.


Q’s Race to the Top is best suitable for children ages 3-10 and features tasks that build social and emotional skills. There are 3 sets of task cards: You, Do and Q. “You” cards are questions you would ask the child about themselves. “Q” cards give a scenario and allows the child to discuss how they would handle the situation. “Do” cards give a fun activity for the child to get up and be active. I noticed that the “do” cards are a favorite, but the kids enjoy all of them.

My children are almost 3 and 5 and they both ask to play the game nearly everyday. There is a travel version that I keep in the car, too. I love how the games get the children thinking and discussing different situations. It is really neat to have them come up with ideas and solutions. Some responses may actually surprise you because you do not always realize how much they know.

We have had so much fun playing this game with just us and with our friends. My oldest is very social and outgoing, but my youngest is quite shy. This game is great for getting her to talk to her friends and hopefully will help get her used to talking to others before she has to go to school.

If you have a little one in this age group, you should definitely consider getting this game from EQtainment. It is engaging and fun and has honestly exceeded all of my expectations.


*I was provided these items for free, but my opinions are entirely my own.


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