Profusion Cosmetics- Review Time


So, about a month ago, I was accepted into the Insider Program for Profusion Cosmetics. They very quickly sent me 4 different products to test and share with my followers. Read more to see what I received.

Correct and Conceal

This palette comes with four-color correcting concealers; green for redness, light for dark spots, peach for blue, and violet for dullness. I will say that I use a green concealer everyday, but I don’t use a lot of other concealer in general. The green from this palette does what I need it to do and I am overall pleased with that, but I haven’t really messed with the rest. The kit also comes with a beauty sponge and two mini sponges, which are the most adorable things I have ever seen in my life. My kids steal them from me. The sponges work pretty well, but I will be honest, I have never used a Beauty Blender sponge, so I can’t compare them. They are better than any other knock off ones I have used, though, and the mini ones come in handy for using around the eyes. Overall, it’s an okay kit, especially if you do a lot of color correcting.

Treasure Box

First, the box is cute and sturdy. However, I wish it had a strap or clasp or something that closed it completely in case you wanted to travel with it. Also, the makeup is in a cheap plastic insert, which I suppose would make it easy to take out if you wanted to keep the box afterwards, but I would have rather it have been connected to the box.

I will review this one by what is in it.

Eyeshadows: These shades are so pretty, but unfortunately they are just not very pigmented. I have to use a lot of product and go over it multiple times to get it to really show as dark as I would like. Plus, I have to wet the brush if I want them to really show, especially the shimmery colors. They blend pretty well, though.

Lip Shades: These are fine, but kind of sticky and I am not a fan of not having them covered or anything. They are good to complete a look in a hurry, but not an everyday, all day wear.

Eyeliner: It’s okay, nothing special.

Applicators: Just throw them out like you would with almost any other applicators that come in sets like these. Use brushes.

Highlight: I use this powder to set my foundation. It isn’t very pigmented, so you can’t really use it to highlight.

Bronzer: This works pretty nicely to contour.

Blush: Also, not too bad.

It is nice to have all of these products in one place, especially if you are a beginner. It is just so-so quality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create some nice looks with them.

Precise Eyes

This is a kit of 6 eyeliners. One is black and the others are sort of metallic like. I haven’t honestly used these a lot and only on my waterline. The black didn’t apply very easily at all. The Rose Gold is gorgeous and it did go on pretty well.  I haven’t used the rest, so I figure they would be pretty as well as they are like bronze colors, but I suspect they would be just okay quality as well.

Trendsetter Eye Palette

I would say out of the four products, this one is my favorite. It has everything you need to do your eyes, so you could easily travel with this instead of taking a ton of products.

Eyeshadows: There are some very pretty shades in this palette and they apply much better than that of The Treasure Box shadows.

Brow Powders: I felt like these had too much of a red tone for me.

Gel Liners: I have used the black and brown and they are decent, but not super dark. I do like them anyway.

Undereye Concealer: Like I said, I don’t use a lot of concealer, though maybe I should. So, I haven’t used these.

Primer: I have used this a couple of times and while it is not going to be my pick over what I normally use, it is awesome that it is included in this kit.

Brushes: These are actually pretty good and I am glad they are actual brushes and not just little applicators.

This stays shut better than The Treasure Box, but I would still like it to snap close because this is such a useful travel kit. I definitely recommend this one for beginners or just anybody who wants all eye products in one place.


Treasure Box shadows, brow powder and black gel liner from Trendsetter Eye Palette


Treasure Box shadows and Rose Gold gel liner


Shadows from Trendsetter Eye Palette and Treasure Box


Treasure Box shadows

Overall, I  would say that while Profusion Cosmetics aren’t high-end quality, they are worth their price. The products are very affordable for what they are. I actually just put in an order last night. Their shipping rate is ridiculous, so you may as well spend the $25 worth of products for free shipping.

Have you every tried Profusion Cosmetics? If you have a beauty Instagram page, YouTube Channel, or Blog, you can apply to become an Insider HERE.



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