Defend Yourself!

If you are a woman, you likely know that feeling of walking to your car alone with your keys clenched in your fists and scanning the parking lot for potential attackers. I know I do, anyway. You never know what could happen in this crazy world and it is best that we are able to defend ourselves.

MUNIO is a self defense tool that you keep on your key ring. It is designed to fit right in your hands with your keys dangling on the other end. So say you are being attacked, you can either use the end of the MUNIO to strike them anywhere possible on their body or whip the dangling keys at them. You want to try to hit them as hard and fast as you can. You can read and watch how to use MUNIO here.



This is a product that I have not actually had to use, thankfully, and hope to never have to use. Still, I have pressed the end of the MUNIO into my hand, bicep, ribs, thigh, temple, and top of my head to see that with full force, it could seriously hurt an attacker. This gives me great peace of mind that I could defend myself if need be.

Of course there are other self-defense tools out there, like pepper spray or stun guns. I am not opposed to those, but I have children, so carrying those around is not always the safest option. With MUNIO, you don’t have to worry about a child getting ahold of it or anything accidentally discharging. The MUNIO is completely safe when not in use.

In fact, while not in use, MUNIO is just an adorable and unique keychain. I have the Triple Hoot, but there are 16 styles to choose from. Click here to shop. Right now (as of typing this) they are buy 3 get 1 free with free shipping over $25. These would make great stocking stuffers for your loved ones. While we hope they never have to use them, we surely want them to be safe, just in case.


*I did receive this product for free, but will never recommend something that I do not believe in and I believe in MUNIO.


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