Ready to Lose This Holiday Weight

Who am I kidding? I have been needing to get back on a diet far before Thanksgiving. I promise myself that I will get back to where I want to be and my new scale is going to help me keep track of that weight loss!

The Easy@Home Deluxe Bluetooth Digital scale is actually pretty awesome. You download the app, which is available for both android and iOS and input all of your information. Then, as soon as you use your scale, not only will you see your weight on the actual scale, but a message will pop up on your phone asking if you would like to save the results. Plus, it tells you your BMI and how much you have gained or lost. You can even add up to 10 profiles so you can keep track of the whole family. I thought about using it for my little ones just to see how much they gain over time.


In case you don’t know what a scale looks like.

Every time I get serious about weight loss, I download an app that keeps track of my weight anyway. I just love the convenience of having it automatically go to my phone so that I don’t forget to put in my measurements. Now if only it could stop me from eating holiday cookies and pie, we would be set.

Is weight loss on your agenda anytime soon? Check out the Easy@Home to help you get started.


*I received this product for free, but opinions are all my own.


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