Ipsy Glam Bag December 2016


I loved that this month’s Ipsy bag doubles as a clutch, even though I will never use it as one. It’s adorable. There were a couple of products that I really liked, a couple that were good, and one that I absolutely hated!


Royal & Langnickel
MODA Angle Shader Brush

I was excited about this brush. It’s very pretty, sturdy, soft, and dense. It works well to blend out shadows. Overall, just a good quality angled brush and I wouldn’t mind trying more brushes from this company.

Smashbox Cosmetics
Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer

This product is supposed to go over glossy lipstick to make it matte. It works well and I love the feel of it when I use it. However, I use mostly liquid lipsticks and glosses, so this isn’t a product I will use very often. I just don’t have many normal lipsticks that I use on a regular basis.

NYX Professional Makeup
Prismatic Shadow

There were four possible shades and I got Jaded, which is the one I was hoping for. It is a very pretty and shimmery green. It works great with a wet brush and looks amazing, but it doesn’t blend very well dry, in my opinion. I do need to use it some more, though. I do really like it regardless.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics
Peppermint Moisture Rich Hydrating Balm

I love lip balms and I use them daily, but I am sort of picky with them. I did not figure I would really like this because when I think of peppermint, I think cool feeling and drying which is definitely not something I want in a lip balm in December. However, this balm was very smooth and hydrating. I use it everyday and I really love it.

Hikari Cosmetics
Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Iris

Now to the product that I absolutely hated. I am serious, this might be the worst product that I have ever received in an Ipsy bag. I love trying new liquid liners and was thrilled that this was a purple shade. However, the tip was extremely stiff. It felt like I was trying to apply a dried out marker to my lash line. Plus, the purple was not very pigmented. It is supposed to be buildable, but it looked streaky when I tried to layer it. It is just a terrible eyeliner and after trying it a couple of times, I will probably never pick it up again except to throw it in the trash. By the way, every other Hikari Cosmetics product I have used was great, so not sure what happened here.


It certainly wasn’t the best bag I received in 2016, but it wasn’t terrible besides the eyeliner. The NYX shadow and lip balm were probably my favorites of this bag. Did anybody else get this eyeliner and actually like it?? Let me know. If you want to sign up for Ipsy, CLICK HERE. It is only $10/month and it always definitely worth it.


I used the NYX Prismatic Shadow in Jaded for the wing.


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