P.S. I Love Druzy

“Druzy” refers to tiny crystals that form over stones, giving it a beautiful glittery look. What could be more beautiful than that? Druzy Shop is a new online jewelry boutique that designs handmade druzy jewelry. They have everything from necklaces to earrings and even loose stones. 

I was so happy to receive their Druzy Vintage Necklace as I have never had anything like it. I was actually surprised when I got it that it was even better than it looked online. The link chain is nothing to brag about, but the actual pendant is gorgeous. It is very thick and heavy, not at all what I was expecting, but not in a bad way. The shape is very unique and it is a quite large piece. This particular pendant is gold-plated and  comes in black, blue, and pink. I chose pink, but I think the others would look amazing as well. I have been looking at their other jewelry and they have some that are more simple and some that are intricate, but all are stunning.

I have been wearing this necklace quite often and I wish I could show you just how glittery it looks in person.


This one actually has hints of purple as well. And I love that no two pieces are exactly the same.


Make sure you check out Druzyshop.com for more beautiful handmade jewelry at a reasonable price. I am looking forward to owning more of these unique items.


* I did receive this piece for free, but my opinions are my own and I am not being compensated otherwise.


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