Holika Holika Juicy Sheet Masks

Who doesn’t love a good sheet mask? Haven’t tried them? Get on it! I have yet to meet a sheet mask that I haven’t liked. Today, I am reviewing 6 sheet masks from Holika Holika’s Juicy line that I received from Skin18. (More about Skin18 later!)


BlueBerry- Energizing

I was afraid that the scent was going to make me sick as I hate blueberry scented things, but this did not bother me at all. I wouldn’t say that this left me “energized”, but it was an okay mask for an everyday use.

Mango- Revitalizing

I would say that this one was a lot like the Blueberry. Nothing really remarkable, but also a decent mask. I think this was a little more hydrating, though, so that is a good thing.

Tea Tree- Spot Control

I was nervous about this one because it is an acne control mask and I have sensitive skin. I was afraid it would irritate my skin or dry it out, but this was actually my favorite out of all of these masks. I can’t say that it magically made my acne disappear, but my skin did feel more clear and appear brighter and more even toned. My face really felt great afterwards.

Pomegranate- Elasticity

I really could have grouped some of these together and just said “Eh, they were okay” because this was like the first two. I didn’t notice any changes in the elasticity of my skin, but it felt nice while it was on and afterwards.

Aloe- Soothing

I figured I would like this one the most. It has been cold and dry and you can see it in my skin. I was definitely hoping it would be very hydrating. While it was more hydrating than some of the others, it just wasn’t as much as I would have liked, but I did still enjoy this one.

Tomato- Firming

Well this one sounds the least appealing as far as scent goes, no? Don’t worry, it doesn’t leave you smelling like tomatoes. In fact, there isn’t very much of a scent at all to this one. For some reason there seemed like there was more essence with this mask than the others. This one left my skin feeling smooth and fresh and was probably tied for my second favorite along with the aloe mask.


Overall, these masks weren’t totally disappointing, but not extraordinary. I did really like the Tea Tree, but the others seemed pretty much the same. The masks fit very well and the holes were all proportionate. I had no problems with my sensitive skin with these which is a major plus. For the price, I think they are pretty good and would consider purchasing at least the tea tree in the future.

Speaking of price,ย though some of these are currently sold out, Skin18 has great prices on these masks and others. They have a great range of products and brands. They even have a ton of freebies that you can get by just paying shipping or with other purchases. This is definitely the place to shop for sheet masks.

Are you a fan of sheet masks? Let me know your favorites!




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