Makeup Wishlist- Eyeshadow Palettes



Image used with permission from Shauna Rodriguez

I thought about making a list of makeup palettes that I want so that if my husband ever needed a gift idea, he could just refer to the list. I decided, though, that I may as well make it a list right here on the blog, so others can get some ideas of what is out there! Some of these are new, others are older. Some are big brands and some are small businesses.

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Modern Renaissance 

It seems like everybody has this palette and can you blame them? It looks absolutely gorgeous and has great reviews!


Image used with permission from productreviewernw


Morphe- 35O and 35W

I currently have the 35F and 35B palettes from Morphe and to be honest, I kind of want them all. However, these are the ones I have my eye on at the moment.


Image used with permission from Elizabeth Gelera Check out her blog here!

Too Faced- Sweet Peach 

How crazy was the hype over this palette? Maybe it has settled down a bit, but that doesn’t make me want it any less. I may or may not be jealous of my best friend for getting this palette!


Image used with permission from Brooke Jarrell

Berlynn Beauty- PNW Palette Limited Edition

Mattes, duo-chromes, metallic, and glitter. Does it get any more gorgeous than this?  Plus, they are all hand-made! I actually have a whole post coming about Berlynn Beauty, so keep an eye out for that.


Image used with permission from Berlynn Beauty


Huda Beauty- Rose Gold

I don’t know that I will ever actually get this palette, but it is just too darn gorgeous not to add to my wishlist.


Image used with permission from productreviewernw

Pur Cosmetics- Dreamworks Trolls Palette

My daughters are crazy over Trolls and I can’t deny that maybe I am, too! That is why I need this adorable palette in my life! It is unfortunately out of stock online at the moment, or I probably would have it already!


Image used with permission from kohlsbeauty_1027

So, that is my list of palettes I want, but it will never be a complete list. I find new companies and products everyday that I want to try. What palettes are on your wishlist? Let me know if you have any of the ones I listed!




*Special thanks to those who allowed me to use their images!


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