Morphe 35B- 35 Color Glam Palette


Who wants to see some bright makeup looks? Today, I am going to be reviewing the 35B palette from Morphe and showing you some looks created with the palette. This is a very honest review.

I did a review on the 35F palette and despite fall-out, I do like that palette and shades.

So, a bit about the 35B palette. There are 35 colors and of those, I believe 12 or 13 are shimmer with the rest being matte. Your first impressions were probably similar to mine and thought “wow those are really vibrant colors”. Well, it only seems that way, unfortunately. Doing a quick finger swatch, the shades do seem bright and pigmented. However, many of the mattes are chalky and patchy when applied and end up being not nearly as pigmented.

The black isn’t bad. I think the darker shades do better than the lighter ones. The shimmers aren’t quite as dry. Some blend decently. There are just so many of the shades that I’ve used that are just not very easy to work with and aren’t of very good quality. For example, I was so excited about the red because I need a nice, bright red. However, I could not get it to really show bright enough. I tried wetting my brush and using a setting spray to try to get it more vibrant, but nothing would work. Very disappointing.

Here are some looks that I have created almost entirely with the 35B palette.


Above is a perfect example of the red not working out. If you look at the “blended” out edges where it is lighter, that is what the red looks like. The only reason I was able to get the lower lid a deeper color, was because I added a purple to it. I could not get the red to work for my life.


I didn’t think that this one was too awful, but while the darker shades are more pigmented, they are harder to blend. The shimmery yellow/green is quite patchy, though, and I remember having to really pack it on.


You can really see how patchy some of these shades are in the rainbow. They are just so chalky feeling.


This one wasn’t bad either, but the deepest purple that you see in the outer corner isn’t from the 35B palette.

Some of these looks are honestly some of my favorites from the past month, but they would have been better with higher quality products. Now, I am not saying that this palette isn’t worth the price. At $20 for 35 colors, I would say good deal. However, I wanted to give you guys an actual honest review. If you look up reviews and videos, you will see a lot of just finger swatches, which don’t tell you anything and videos where they have to pack and pack product on to get it to really show, yet they rave about it like it’s the best palette in the world. I think that is pretty standard with most Morphe products, though, because all these big affiliated YouTubers rave over them to get you to buy them.

So, I have one Morphe palette that I adore even though it is actually a pain to work with because of the fall-out. Then I have another Morphe palette that I just don’t really like. Will I still use it? Absolutely. The purples and blues aren’t too bad. I can make some shades work. It’s just not my favorite and I will not completely give up on Morphe just yet because I am cheap.

What do you guys think? Do you use anything from Morphe? Do you think that the big YouTube makeup channels push Morphe too much without really believing in the products? Let me know in the comments!




7 thoughts on “Morphe 35B- 35 Color Glam Palette

  1. i really like the way that purple look turned out.
    as for a good red, i highly recommend the Manic Panic “Vampire Red”. i was very pleasantly surprised by it. i think you can even see a pic of my first go at it on my eyeshadow review post. i really like it.


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