Graze Box | Healthy Snacks Straight to Your Mailbox


I won’t lie, I love food. I love to snack. In fact, I am snacking right now while typing this. The problem is, when I am trying to eat healthier, I usually cut out all snacking since I tend to go for the “junk food”. So, what if I told you there was a subscription box that sent you 8 healthful snacks right to your door?ย Graze Box is exactly that!

Graze Box is your source for healthier snacking. There are different types of boxes including: variety, savory, sweets, calorie counter, carb counter, and more. Each box comes with 8 out of over 100 different individually packaged snacks that are just the right portion.

I received a variety box which included snacks called:

Summer Berry Flapjacks

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Herby Bread Basket

Booster Seeds

Cinnamon Apple Pie

Kettle Corn Kern Pops

Summertime Punch

Caramel Apple


I have tried half of these so far and they are delicious. They are also perfect for my husband to take to work. He drives a truck and is constantly trying to find easy, healthful, and yummy snacks to take with him. I love that they have “Carb Count” and “Sugar Count” boxes, also, for when I am on a ketogenic diet.

The snacks are nutritious and have no GMOs, artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives and 0 grams of trans-fat per serving. Compare that to what you normally eat and you will understand the benefits of this box.

Each box is $13.99 and you can choose how often you want them delivered. Just go to Graze and subscribe. I do have a code for you all to get your 1st and 5th box for free: LIZM1D4DB

My unboxing video for the Graze Box is now live on my YouTube Channel!

What do you guys think of a snacking subscription box? Would it help you make healthier decisions about what you eat?







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