A Pill to Clear Your Acne?

I have always believed that healthy skin starts from the inside. I aim to drink more water to keep my skin better hydrated and we all know that greasy foods contribute to acne outbreaks. So, why not take a pill that is packed with natural, mineral ingredients to help clear your skin? Lomalux Laboratories has an Acne Pill aimed at doing exactly that.

LOMA LUX® ACNE·PILL  is a a daily dose of 5 main homeopathic ingredients. According to the Lomalux website, “Homeopathy is a natural, holistic form of medicine that uses plant or mineral substances to stimulate the body’s own recovery response.” You can read more about the ingredients HERE.

Now, I am not going to lie, I was skeptical. I had acne when I was younger and now that I am going on 26, I still suffer from those dreaded breakouts. While they have lessened since I have developed a good skincare routine, they have certainly not disappeared. The LOMA LUX® ACNE·PILL claims to treat teen and adult acne and rosacea. I have never been diagnosed with rosacea, but I do feel like it is a definite possibility given my symptoms (facial reddness, visible blood vessels, etc.) So, I thought I would give these pills a try to see if they actually work.


I have been taking two pills daily for just over two weeks. They say that it takes 2 weeks for results to be noticeable and 4 weeks for the product to work fully. When I started the pills, I had a couple of bigger pimples that have been healing. It wasn’t until my first 2 weeks were over that I realized I hadn’t had any additional breakouts. A blackhead or two may have popped up, but there has not been anything too noticeable. That alone has shocked me. As far as the rosacea goes, I have not really noticed a change, but I am hopeful now that that will soon improve as well. I am going to continue to take the LOMA LUX® ACNE·PILL for 2 more weeks and post another update with hopefully good results and if so I will continue to use them. These pills are very affordable and for reducing my acne, they are well worth it!

If you suffer from acne or rosacea, these pills are definitely worth looking into. Read other reviews, check out the ingredients, and make the decision for yourself whether you think they are right for you.




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