Green World Series Circle Lens from LensCircle

It is review time! Today, I am talking about LensCircle and these beautiful circle lenses that I got from them! These particular lenses are World Series in Green.ย 

I have only ever tried one other pair of circle lenses in the past, so I am definitely no expert on them. They were a greyish blue shade and I had to have them shipped from Malaysia. This immediately made my bank put a block on my card due to suspicious activity. Once I got that taken care of, it took quite a while to receive my package, of course. The actual circle lenses were not terrible, but they were drying and always gave me a headache. Overall, there was more bad with that experience than good.

So let’s talk about CircleLens. They ship out of Canada and they arrived super quickly to me here in the United States. This is a huge plus since I will never use the other company again. The prices of the products and shipping prices are also better compared to the other company.

Now, the lenses I picked out are from the World Series. These use 3 tones to create a more natural looking eye. I wanted something different from my dark brown eyes, but nothing that was going to make me look too weird. So, I chose this series in green. The package came with the two lenses, a case, and a cute leopard print bag to keep them in. You do need to make sure you have solution handy as you need to let them set in it for 6-8 hours prior to using them.

If you aren’t use to putting in contacts like me, it will probably take some time and maybe frustration to get them right. Once I got them in, I could tell they were much more comfortable than my last ones, but since I don’t normally wear any, they did feel a little strange. I also got a headache after a while with these, but I assume it is just because I don’t normally wear them. This isn’t too big of a deal for me, though because I only plan to wear them for short periods of time, probably just to take pictures.


I really love the shade of these lenses and love even more that they actually show up over my dark brown eyes. They do not look too unnatural if you didn’t know my eye color. Like almost all circle lenses, these are larger than your iris making your eyes look bigger, which I love.

Here is a shot of my eye with the lens in natural lighting. Up close, you can see the unique pattern and can definitely tell that these are not my real eye color.


And here is a picture of one eye with the lens and one eye without so you can see the difference in color and size.


Overall, I am pleased with these lenses and also with CircleLens. I will certainly use them in the future to order more!



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