Life With Lohrs: Our Family Vlog

We started a family vlog!


If you are a frequent reader, you may know that I have a “beauty” channel on YouTube. I really enjoy making the videos and sharing. Being a work from home mom, finding quiet time to do these videos is difficult, though. That is why my kids are in so many of them. I do plan to continue uploading videos on this channel, but we wanted to start a vlog channel and get the whole family involved.

My kids love watching videos on YouTube, especially other family vlogs. So, we figured, why not start our own? Life With Lohrs shows our little adventures as a family. I have used social media to share stories, pictures, and videos of my kids with my family and friends that we do not get to visit very often. This was a great way to share with them more and the videos are also great keepsakes for us to watch in the future.

We have only made a few videos so far, but we are going to aim to upload at least one a week. They will mostly just be about a weekend day spent doing something we would normally be doing anyway, but we would also like to do other videos such as the girls doing things like reviewing toys, playing games, challenges, etc. As long as the girls are enjoying it, we will do it. Plus, editing the videos gives my husband and I something to do together and laugh at all of our family videos.

We are totally new to all of this and not use to talking on camera, so we probably seem pretty awkward. Hopefully, we start to sound more natural because we do want it to just be how we normally are.

So, if you would like to follow us on our new journey, make sure you subscribe to Life With Lohrs and turn on the notifications! Thank you so much!




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