10 Things You Need If You Love Unicorns!


My daughter decided she wants a unicorn themed birthday party this year and I am thrilled! I have loved unicorns since I was a child and still do. My daughter also made a birthday list which includes unicorn earrings, unicorn fingernail polish, and even a unicorn perfume set that smells like rainbows. While I may not be able to find the many many unicorn themed items she has asked for, I have been finding some awesome unicorn products on Amazon!

1. Unicorn Inflatable Raft


We are in the process of buying a house that has a pool and I will for sure be buying this awesome unicorn raft! They even have small ones for kids!

2. Unicorn Makeup Brushes


Two of my favorite things in one: unicorns and makeup! The handles on these brushes look just like beautiful, pearly unicorn horns! I could already see myself using these to do pretty pastel makeup looks with tons of glitter. If you are anything like me, you will also love my previous post about these totally gorgeous mermaid makeup brushes!

3. Unicorn Portable Phone Charger


Not only is this unicorn power bank adorable, it is super useful. You can use it anywhere to charge your cell phone, tablet, or any device that uses a USB power cord!

4. Unicorn Headphones


While you’re at it, you may as well pick up these cute unicorn earbuds, too!

5. Unicorn Tape Dispenser


My silly girls like to think that unicorns poop rainbows! This hilarious tape dispenser comes with two rolls of rainbow tape to make it look just like that! You can also use regular rolls of tape if pooping rainbows just isn’t your thing.

6. Unicorn and Fairy Collectible Figurine


Unicorns and fairies go hand in hand in the mythical fantasy world. This beautiful collectible would be a perfect gift for the unicorn lover in your life.

7. Unicorn Onesie Pajamas


I have no shame in wearing onesie pajamas. In fact, I already have 3 that I love to wear in the winter. So, I would love to add this unicorn onesie to my collection! Plus, they have kids unicorn pajamas to match for my girls!

8. Unicorn Fidget Spinners


Are fidget spinners still super popular? Well, my girls still seem to enjoy them and would totally love these unicorn fidget spinners!

9. Unicorn Wall Mount


While many people (my husband) would like to have deer heads and fish mounted in their houses, I would prefer a beautiful unicorn head on my wall!

10. Unicorn Squatty Potty Gold Toilet Spray


Last but certainly not least, now your poo can smell like unicorns! Apparently this spray actually works pretty well at masking the unpleasant smell of going potty with essential oils and real gold nano particles. This may just be the most useful item on the list!

As a unicorn lover myself, I would gladly purchase every single item on this list. Which one is your favorite?



* This page contains affiliate links.

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