Easy DIY Glitter Slime

My girls have been a little slime crazy here lately. We have tried several different recipes, but many just didn’t work out as we had hoped. Also, a lot of recipes called for borax or liquid starch, which we didn’t have on hand. Finally, we found a super easy recipe that made the perfect slime with just a few ingredients that you probably already have around the house.

We made a video showing exactly how it is made HERE!


Here is what you need:

4 ounces of Clear Glue or Glitter Glue

1/2 Tbs of Baking Soda

Glitter (not necessary if you used glitter glue)

1 Tbs of Contact Solution (it must have boric acid in the ingredients. The Equate brand is what I used and it does have it)


Pour the glue into a mixing bowl. Then, mix in the baking soda. You can then add whatever glitter you want or add food coloring. Once everything is mixed, add the contact solution and it will immediately start to feel like slime. Pick it up and knead it until it isn’t so sticky anymore. If it is still too sticky add a little more of the contact solution and knead it some more. Make sure to put it in a zip lock bag or container to keep it from drying out.

We made this a week ago and the kids are still having fun with it!

2017-08-26 10.27.532017-08-26 10.28.27



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