Datebox Monthly Subscription Box Review


Are you and your significant other bored of movie and dinner dates? I feel you. My husband and I were, too. Our dates often consist of struggling to find a sitter for our little ones and then spending half of the night trying to find something new and exciting to do. Ultimately, we usually end up catching a movie and going to one of the same handful of restaurants and spending way too much money. We were in need of something different. That is where Datebox comes in to save the day!

Datebox is a monthly subscription box that is sent right to your door with everything you need to have the perfect date at home! Each box contains different activities centered around a specific theme. Our first box theme was: Unity.


What was in the box?

-A booklet with instructions for everything in the date as well as conversation starters.

-A date prep card with things that you will need. (We did have to pick up some apples, but that was already on the grocery list anyway) Also, a Spotify playlist to listen to during your date to set the mood.

-Caramel Apple making kit.

-Kettle corn ingredients.

-Apple cider mix.

-The Cruise Ship Escape Game.

I immediately started the Spotify playlist which was not terrible with mostly more popular songs, old and new, but also appropriate for the date. My husband got to cooking the kettle corn (he burnt it a little, but it was still yummy) while I asked the questions for the conversation starters. That section is such a nice touch because it gives you ideas of what to talk about that you probably would never think to ask and you can get to know something about your partner even if you have been together for years.

While that was going on, I made the apple cider which was surprisingly tasty coming from a packet. Neither one of use are big caramel apple fans, but they were pretty easy to make although the caramel was not as thick as I would have liked it. That was my fault, though. Anyway, we made several and our kids enjoyed them the next day.


The Cruise Ship Escape Game was super fun. There were 3 envelopes with missions to complete and you use the website Datebox gives you to check your answer before moving on to the next mission. It was challenging, but still easy enough for us to escape within the hour time limit.


In total, the date probably took 2 hours to complete everything and it was very enjoyable. I would have never thought to make snacks together and play an escape game with my husband as a date. And the best part? We didn’t even have to take the kids to a sitter, we just put them to bed first!

Who needs Datebox?

-Couples who are stuck and bored with the same ole date.

-Couples who don’t want to leave the house for a date.

-Couples with kids.

-New couples looking to get  to know each other better.

-Couples in need of rekindling their relationship.

-Pretty much any couple would love Datebox.

There are many other themes as well. I have seen reviews of ones where you make S’mores, make sushi, paint, etc. There are all kinds of things you just would not normally do and that is the exciting part.

I really loved this experience and I am happy to share a code with you to get your first Datebox for Half Off! Just go to and use code ALOHR50

There is also a digital plan and local plans in a few select cities.

Let me know, what is the best stay at home date you have ever had?


– Ashley

*Contains affiliate links.



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