Spooktacular Night- Kids Night In


Wow, what a fun box this was! The theme for the October Kids Night In Box was Spookatcular Night and it was so packed full of activities that it took 3 different days to finish everything! 

I am not even going to list the contents of the box because there was so much in there. So, I will just go through each activity. The box came with everything needed unless mentioned otherwise.

Every box come with an itinerary and a link to a Spotify playlist. This month’s playlist was perfect with fun Halloween songs!

There are suggested meals and snacks included in the booklet. (These ingredients are not included) We actually made these little Oreo monsters a week or so before we did the rest of the box because the girls’ cousin was over and I thought it would be fun for them to do together.

Fast forward to night number 2 of this box. First, we read the book Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O’Connell. This book was adorable and perfect for my second grader to be able to read to her little sister. Both of them really enjoyed the story and have read it several times since. I love that these boxes include a book to add to our library!


Next, we put together a haunted house. Everything was included in the box except for glue. This made for an adorable Halloween decoration for the shelf.


Then the girls made some ghosts out of tissues and I used streamers and ribbon to make a maze in the hallway for them to go through. They could have gone back and forth for hours and not gotten tired of it!


By this point, it was getting late so we had to finish the box the next night. The next night began with doing some spooktacular artwork. The box artwork was actually made by the founder’s daughter which is really neat and inside of the box is supplies and directions on how to recreate it. I thought my little ones did a terrific job and they had so much fun using pastels for the first time!

Finally, the box included a Popcorn Corn on the Cob which I thought was the coolest thing ever. You put the cob in the bag and it pops right off of the cob. Then, they put the popcorn in a bag that was a hand, but unfortunately they put a hole in it. Still, they loved the popcorn.


There is actually one more activity to do in the box, we just haven’t gotten around to it yet! I am serious when I say that this box was packed with fun!

Every month, Kids Night In Box comes with everything you need to have a fun night (or nights) with your kids at home. Each month has a different theme and November’s theme is “Give Thanks” which I absolutely love. There is also a Date Night In Box that you can enjoy with your special someone! They also have faith-based boxes for date night and kids night if incorporating faith is important to you! Get 15% off your first box with code 15OFFNIB.



I want to take a moment and acknowledge how amazing this company is. They have a partnership with an organization called Tri-Development Center of Aiken County which provide employees that pack the boxes. These employees have disabilities such as autism, spinal and head injuries, intellectual disabilities, etc . To learn more about this amazing program, click here.



**This post contains affiliate links**

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