The Best Fidget Toys on Amazon

Fidget toys have come a long way in the few short years since the fidget spinner suddenly took the world by storm. While still around, teachers everywhere are glad that the fidget spinner craze has died down. As with any trending toy, they have now been replaced by many, many new fidget toys, some of which are actually quite helpful to keep those little fingers busy while having to sit still. Some are well, just plain fun.

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Pop Its

Who didn’t love popping bubble wrap when they were a kid? Okay, who doesn’t still love popping bubble wrap as a 30 year old? Pop Its are like the reusable equivalent of bubble wrap! My girls, and apparently every other kid on the planet, are obsessed with these and I can understand why. Though the first time they asked for one in the store I was confused as to why they wanted silicone ice cube trays.

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Simple Dimples

I did not think my kids would like these ones, but boy was I wrong. My daughter brought one home yesterday and had me hold it during soccer practice and I kid you not, I popped that thing the whole time. I am actually sort of wishing I had one right now to fidget with while I work. The simple dimples are the perfect size for kids to be able to carry around and use without being a distraction. Plus, the pops are just better.

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Infinity Cubes

I have yet to get my hands on one of these, but don’t they just look super neat?

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Whether they are slow rising or filled with slime or water beads, squishy toys are basically the modern day stress balls.

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Pop Tubes

These are pretty much just colorful, bendy, twisty tubes that remind me of straws. I like how simple these are, yet kids still love them.

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Pea Pod

These are labeled as stress relieving, but I just love them because they are adorable. I suppose the adorableness can also be a stress relieving factor, also.

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It is hard to tell just how long these fidget toys will be popular or what the next big thing will be. Have you given in and gotten your child one or two (or all) of these fidget toys? What is their favorite?

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