Shouvy Whitening Mask Sleeping Pack


Just as I was running out of my favorite whitening product, I received this whitening mask and was blown away. I have tried many whitening products and this Sleeping Pack from Shouvy is definitely my new favorite. Continue reading “Shouvy Whitening Mask Sleeping Pack”

Lighter Skin? SHOUVY Whitening Body Lotion


I talk about skincare quite a bit as I think it is very important. Your skin is the true foundation of your makeup, so I like to aim to make it as clear and even as possible. One of my main focuses is trying to even out my skin tone. I have a lot of redness, dark spots and acne scars that I am constantly correcting and trying to cover with makeup. Also, many of my facial skincare products have lightening agents to help lighten all of those problems. Continue reading “Lighter Skin? SHOUVY Whitening Body Lotion”

Derma Roller- 200 Needles in the Name of Beauty


Have you ever heard of microneedling? This is where you take a roller with a bunch of tiny needles and roll it over your skin, creating tiny punctures called “microchannels”. Why would anybody do this? Well, in doing this, it triggers your body’s healing process which will replace your old skin with healthy, new tissue. In other words, it stimulates collagen and elastin production and renews skin cells.
Continue reading “Derma Roller- 200 Needles in the Name of Beauty”